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Are you feeling burnt out, exhausted or overwhelmed?  

Do you dread going to work every day? 
Are you struggling with work life balance? 
Do you want more quality time with your family? 
Do you want to find a new job but have no idea where to start? 
Have you been in the same job or place for years and never really had to create a resume or interview for a job? 
Are you feeling stuck and have no idea what to do with your career? 
Are you in a toxic workplace working with toxic people? 


Most importantly, do you feel like giving up on nursing because of all of the above? 

There IS a solution.
I have been there and I can help!

Nurses Breaking Free

A unique community for nurses who want to create the life they deserve! Whether this means you want to land your first nursing job, change specialties, leave the bedside, find a nontraditional job, or work from home, this group is for you!

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What’s inside Nurses Breaking Free?

Nurses Breaking Free 1 (1).jpg

ALL of my existing digital resources (over $500 value!) 

  • 5 different resume templates 

  • Cover letter template

  • Report on Remote Nursing Jobs 

  • Resume Revamp Course 

  • LinkedIn webinar and How-To Guide

  • Webinars on resume writing, interviewing, salary negotiation, working with recruiters, using LinkedIn, getting a remote job, non-bedside jobs and more!

NEW and EXCLUSIVE resources (you will not find this anywhere else!)

  • Detailed examples of nontraditional jobs (not just a random list!) 

  • FAQs: 

    • Do I need additional training or education? 

    • Myths 

    • Is a nontraditional job right for me?

    • Do I need additional training or education?

  • Nontraditional career pathways 

  • Guest speakers and experts!

  • Pay/salary info

  • Breaking out of bedside mentality 

  • Marketing yourself

  • Weekly group coaching calls ($349 value per session!)

Image by Rusty Watson
Image by Brooke Cagle

Most importantly, a COMMUNITY of likeminded individuals (priceless!)

Image by Patty Brito
  • People who have been successful in the nontraditional jobs space 

  • Interactive chats with GUEST EXPERTS 

  • LIVE coaching calls, interviews and small group discussions 

  • Connecting with other nurses 

  • Building your tribe! 

  • Finding joy in your career again 

  • Finding work life balance 

  • Creating the life and career you deserve!

I speak daily to nurses who are unhappy with their work situation.
To simplify things, you really have 3 choices:

1. Stay where you are and keep going
2. Change your mindset
3. Change your environment
Only you know what's right for you. Making the decision is the first step.
4 years ago, I had a 6-figure job in l
eadership at a fancy hospital and lots of letters after my name. It had taken me over 10 years to get there. And you know what? I was miserable. The stress of working in a toxic workplace that rewarded toxic rockstars was killing me on the inside. I walked away from it all. I thought I was committing career suicide, but I just couldn't do it anymore.


I truly mean it when I say things worked out for the better, and I wouldn't be where I am now without those challenging experiences.
If you're reading this and you feel the same way, it's never too late to make a change.


Start with today.

Take the first step right now, whatever that may be.

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What are others saying?

"Sara provides great insight and assistance applying for non traditional nursing roles as well. Great work on resumes too."

-Nicole Felker, BScN, RN

"…Thanks, Sara, for your support! I highly recommend Sara’s services to any nurse looking for a change in their career but may lack confidence or is unsure how to start the process. Sara has been an amazing coach and mentor for me."

- Allison C.

"…Personally, I sought to transition from bedside nursing to a new and demanding role, and Sara adeptly identified how my extensive experience could be applied to my desired position. Furthermore, Sara skillfully incorporated the essential keywords for optimizing my LinkedIn profile. With her invaluable assistance, I saved considerable time and spared myself the frustrations of navigating through these
processes, enabling me to focus on pursuing my ideal career opportunity. Sara exemplifies the
understanding that, as nurses, we need not shoulder everything alone. She represents a vast and supportive network that provides a helping hand."

- Kelly Cheatham, BSN, RN

"As I reflected on my resume and reviewed my long list of skills, accomplishments, and experiences over
the years, I didn’t quite understand what was missing. What am I not giving the talent acquisition
specialists? Sara came to the rescue. She provided me with insight on what the talent acquisition specialists could be looking for…Sara is a professional and has a great deal of insight when it comes to ‘selling yourself’."

- Leonor De Biasio

About Sara

Sara Fung, MN, BSN, RN is an experienced nurse who has worked in both traditional and nontraditional nursing jobs at the frontline and leadership levels and is now an entrepreneur. She saw a need to help nurses with their careers. She sat in on many interviews where she saw really amazing nurses with not so great resumes and interview skills! She created a company that provides services to nurses, by nurses! Using all of the knowledge she wished she had learned in nursing school or on the job, she now provides online support and resources for nurses to land their dream jobs in a career with so many possibilities!

Sara powersuit.jpg

For a long time I felt stuck and frustrated in my situation. I had experienced bullying, backstabbing and was done with working in a toxic workplace. I didn’t know where to even begin.  

The first step is realizing you deserve better and finding your tribe. This group will provide you with all of the tangible resources you need to create the life you deserve!

Join now!

You deserve it. 

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