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Wenilyn Santos, RN
Resume Writing

As an Internationally Educated Nurse that felt lost sometimes, Sara brought hope and clarity to my nursing career. She helped me with updating my knowledge on resume writing and helped me with making a great one. You can definitely feel and know that it’s worth an investment. She advocates for work-life balance and helps find a remote nursing job that might better suit your lifestyle. If you want a ray of sunshine in a sometimes (most of the time) tough nursing journey, I encourage you to reach out.

Amy Cockrell, BSN, RN
Resume Writing

Sara was fantastic at putting into writing my 20 years of different professional nursing positions, experiences, and skills. It was so helpful as I go about finding a nursing position in a completely new direction. It's a very different hiring environment now from when I sought a new job 20 years ago!

Sarah Evans, MN, BSN, RN and patient care manager
Resume Writing

I recently worked with Sara to help revamp my resume on a quick timeline when I had no idea where to start. Sara and I met to discuss what it was that I was looking for and was very prompt in communication to make sure the deadline could be met. The resume she provided was very succinct and visually appealing. I would definitely recommend Sara and her services and will be going to her for any of my future needs!

Petra Abram, MSN, FNP-C
Resume Writing

I enjoyed working with Sara on the re-vamp of my resume recently. She did things a lot differently than any resume writer I'd worked with previously, and I believe it added value to the finished product. She asked a lot of questions about me and my aspirations. She was open to changes and worked efficiently to get the project completed. Would definitely utilize Sara's services in the future!

Brenda Blais Nesbitt, patient and caregiver advocate
Resume Writing

Sara was a joy to talk to and work with. She is professional, understanding, and very knowledgeable with the current trends in resume writing. She's been on both sides of the table and as a result, can help you identify your strengths and incorporate them in your resume in a way to highlight them and help you get noticed through both IT systems and human eyes. She has a very caring personality and is very efficient. I would highly recommend Sara!

Ashley Bartholomew, BSN, RN, CNOR
Resume Writing

The resume refresh I needed! Sara helped me deliver a polished, professional, and concise resume with a short deadline I had. If you need a professional resume, CV, or biography I highly recommend Sara— her work is great! 

Zacarias Buhuro, BSN, RN
Multiple Services

Sara was right on point, when I contacted her. She helped me with my cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile. She is very professional, prompt and organized. I highly recommend Sara!

Rupali Mahida, MSN, FNP-C

In doing an interviewing coaching session with Sara she helped me tailor my responses in an authentic way while also highlighting how my prior experiences would prepare me for this new speciality. She also went over common interview questions and how to respond to them succinctly without droning on (something I've always struggled with!). After using Sara's services I was able to secure my dream oncology job with a large academic medical center in my area! Thank you again Sara!

Interview Coaching
Charlotte Osler, NP

I recently hired Sara to write my cover letter. She was prompt, professional and provided excellent, fast service. Exactly what I needed!

Cover Letter Writing
Kome Odoko, MN, RN

Sara is a fantastic coach and her wealth of nursing experience makes her a great resource to prepare for career development/ interview experiences. I appreciated the designated time to practice managing potential situations and co-create the most effective responses. She assesses areas of strengths/growth and provides timely feedback on strategies to improve. Working with Sara helped me feel comfortable and confident but also strengthened my tool-kit for future opportunities. She is someone I would strongly recommend working with. 

Interview Coaching
Tara Tourloukis, MPN, BSN, 
RN Psychotherapist
Multiple Services

Sara is the best! If you need your resume/cover letter updated, I highly recommend Sara. She was patient, kind and asked as many questions as she needed to make sure the final product was perfect. She’s so easy to work with, and did an outstanding job. 

Tehiysia Tello-Sweetland, BSN, RN, Past President of Nursing Student Community

I had a very compact resume that looked very intimidating and hard to read. I utilized Sara’s services and watched how she revamped my entire resume to an exceptionally clean and easy to read document! I was very skeptical at first to see how condensed it looked, especially when I had extra space to add more. However, Sara has been on the side of recruiting, so I 100% trust her to know that my resume won’t be left unread by potential recruiters. Thank you so very much. I will be using more of your services soon!

Resume Writing
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