Resume Refresh

$299 and up

Revamp your nursing resume content and layout to make it relevant, clean and professional. Typical turnaround time is 1 week and up to 3 edits.

Cover Letter

$199 and up

Have an effective, catchy cover letter written for a specific nursing job posting. This will optimize the use of keywords and the applicant tracking system (ATS) software that many companies use.

Resume Revamp 101 Online Course


Let us take all the guesswork out of resume writing, from the content, layout, to tips and tricks and everything in between!


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Interview & Career Coaching (virtual)

$199 and up

Get personalized feedback on your interview style, common questions and advice on navigating difficult situations, with a summary sent to you afterwards. 

Feeling stuck or not sure what the next step in your career should be? Pick my brain and my 15 years’ experience in nursing, with a summary and action items sent to you afterwards. Sessions are 1 hour.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

$199 and up

Make yourself visible to recruiters and potential employers. Get a leg up with networking and marketing yourself!

Choose either a walkthrough of LinkedIn functionalities or have your profile created/updated by us!

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Special Add-Ons

Stat 911! For an extra fee, I can have your nursing resume or cover letter ready in 2-4 business days. I can also provide interview coaching either same day or next day, depending on my schedule. 


Bundle packages are available if you are purchasing multiple services:

  • Any 2 services= 15% discount

  • Any 3 services= 20% discount

  • Any 4 services= 25% discount

  • Any 5 services= 30% discount

  • Any 6 services= 35% discount

New! I can provide document proofreading and editing e.g. school or scholarship applications.